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Smart IAQ Wall Sensor, SI-40-L – Model THC


  • 3 Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, CO2
  • LonWorks (TP/FT-10) Network Communication
  • IP Support: LonTalk/IP over TP/FT-10 (Requires Router)

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The simply elegant design of the SI-40-L sets a new standard in aesthetics and functionality to provide superior accuracy and performance, SAP™, for the sensing and control of Temperature, Humidity, and CO2. The aesthetic integrity of a building no longer has to be compromised to deliver optimum comfort and performance. Architects and designers can now work in harmony with engineers and contractors.

High-performance cost-effective sensing and control capabilities have been designed into the SI-40-L to provide an integrated solution for indoor air quality management. Optimum user functionality has been built into every SI-40-L to provide extensive information on the ambient conditions while implementing user-friendly displays for intuitive straight-forward operation.

Extensive data from the SI-40-L can be obtained through a LonWorks Free-Topology network connection. No additional connections are necessary to monitor individual sensors and track indoor air quality conditions.