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Industry Necessity

The Food and Drug Administration oversees the research and development of new medical products, both devices and pharmaceutical products, by private companies. The FDA requires all products to be tested and manufactured in a FDA-certified clean room. A clean room is a controlled environment, which filters all incoming air to remove all dust particles and possible contaminants that may interfere with production.

Clean room environment controls

Clean rooms need to maintain constant pressure to lower the possibility of contamination particles entering the clean room, as well as to assist in the removal of contaminated air from inside the room. Pressurization is one of the primary requirements to receive FDA certification for the clean room.

Smart Controls provides the controls that are used to control pressure, particulate matter, temperature, humidity and air flow within clean rooms. Additionally, Smart Control systems provide more than just the clean room environment controls. Patient monitoring as well as care unit entryway access are controlled by Smart Controls systems.

Patient monitoring controls

Patient monitoring can be performed by continuously measuring certain parameters. These parameters are measured by a variety of sensors. Transmitting data from a sensor to a distant monitoring station is known as telemetry or biotelemetry.

Patient monitoring is vital to care in operating and emergency rooms, intensive care and critical care units. Additionally, it has proven invaluable for neo-natal care, recovery rooms, out-patient care, transport, ambulatory, home and sleep screening applications. Smart Controls provides the control systems for patient monitoring applications.