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Essential Storage Conditions

When military equipment is no longer utilized on a regular basis, it is placed in storage for archiving or future planned use. Because the call of duty may come at any moment, the equipment in storage must maintain its operational integrity at all times. Equipment that becomes inoperable over time is unacceptable for military standards.

Environmental and Atmosphere Controls Save Equipment

Military equipment in storage relies upon the quality of the atmosphere within the storage facility in order to maintain equipment integrity. Controlled environments are ideal for storing operable military equipment and also for archiving retired military vehicles and aircraft.  Controlled temperature and humidity environments are required for military storage areas.

The most common problem associated with any type of equipment storage is moisture induced corrosion.  Real-time monitoring and automatic control of the temperature and humidity levels is necessary to avoid damaging valuable equipment such as tanks, helicopters and aircraft.

Military equipment protection programs use Smart Controls as the preferred control system that dramatically reduces facility costs and increases equipment utilization and availability.