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Optimizing Large-Scale Educational Buildings

Educational centers, such as university and high school campuses, consist of unique structures that must be maintained and protected in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. With thousands and sometimes millions of square feet of indoor space, campuses are faced with the unique challenge of maintaining suitable indoor environments in order to stimulate learning and teaching. With multiple buildings to maintain, special techniques and processes are required to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of the buildings.

Building automation systems provide the network infrastructure needed to streamline atmosphere and environmental controls. Within a given building, between 50-80% of all energy is used to heat or cool the building. To achieve sustainable energy consumption levels, it is essential to use appropriate and effective building management systems. Analyzing real time data from sensors within the building highlights energy waste and ensures efforts are made towards a more efficient performance.

Building Automation Systems Lead to ROI

Building automation systems use control networks that are more efficient so that they use fewer resources, take up less space, make less noise and are more cost effective. Building automation systems keep building climate within a specified range, provide lighting control based on occupancy, control exit and entry security functions and monitor system performance and functionality. They greatly reduce building energy and maintenance costs when compared to a non-controlled building.

Smart Controls provides control systems maximize efficiency, minimize energy costs and stay true to the aesthetics of campus buildings. From lighting to temperature and humidity control, Smart Controls provides solutions for all aspects of building energy use that result in the best maintained atmosphere for learning.


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