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The latest version of VisualControl is now live!

Exciting news! The newest version of VisualControl, our advanced and intuitive graphical programming software, is now available for download! Start your development towards smarter building design and operation now with VisualControl 2024.

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Another AHR Expo has just rocked the record books!

What a whirlwind of awesome encounters! From buzzing client meetups to our very own, President and CEO David Kniepkamp, captivating a jam-packed crowd with his visionary seminar on the future of AI in microprocessor controllers, the energy was electric!

Our drive to catapult innovation in building automation into the stratosphere is fueled and firing on all cylinders!

Can’t wait to catch you next year in sunny Orlando for AHR Expo 2025!

It’s going to be out of this world!

Featured Products

High Performance In Your Building

The SI-40 crosses the performance envelope with the ability to provide superior accuracy and performance in remote sensing. It knows what your building is feeling. Being the nerve center to sense Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and VOC is just not enough! With intelligence to statistically monitor a building’s critical conditions in real time, the SI-40 exceeds building owners’ expectations for performance with “Simple Elegance.”

Communication on OneBUS™

Setting a NEW standard in the industry, only one controller is needed to satisfy today’s building automation protocols with OneBUS. Smart Controls’ new MP series controllers can connect to Native BACnet® and LonTalk® simultaneously. Smart I/O™ SC240-MP breaks the multi-protocol communication barrier by providing NATIVE BACnet, and LonTalk communication all in one controller. BACnet can communicate over an RS-485 communication channel while BACnet/Free Topology and LonTalk/FT (Free Topology) are communicating over a TP/FT-10 communication channel simultaneously to provide monitoring, control and diagnostic information.


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