Smart IAQ Wall Sensor, SI-10 – Model B


  • 1 Sensor: Temperature
  • 1 Analog Output (0-10K ohms): Set Point Adjustment
  • 1 Direct Output (Thermistor 10K, Type II): Temperature
  • 1 Digital Output (Relay, 1A): Override Push-button

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The SI-10 sets a new standard in aesthetics and functionality. The architectural design of the SI-10 was achieved through the input of industry professionals, as well as a multitude of end users. It’s copyrighted design has been described as “Simple Elegance”. The SI-10 quietly blends in to its surroundings and is as comfortable on the boardroom wall as it is in a classroom. Rave reviews have also been received by custom homeowners and designers. Architects and designers can now work in harmony with engineers and contractors. The aesthetic integrity of a building no longer has to be compromised to deliver optimum comfort and performance.

The simply elegant design of the SI-10 is only enhanced by it’s Superior Accuracy and Performance (SAPTM ). Optimum user functionality has been built in to every SI-10. The intuitive temperature sensor interface utilizes discreetly concealed adjustment buttons. The ease of use is unprecedented. When an adjustment is made through the SI-10, visual feedback is provided through the integral LCD display. The custom designed display incorporates 4 digits as well as 8 alphanumeric characters to aid in the simplicity of use and design.

The “up” and “down” push-buttons are used to adjust the temperature set-point offset for optimum occupant comfort. The maximum range of set point offset can be easily modified in the programming mode. The maximum set point offset is factory set at +/- 2, but can be field adjusted up to a maximum of +/- 10 through the programming mode. No special tools or software are required to accomplish this. All programming mode functionality is accomplished in the field using a sequence of button presses.

The SI-10 incorporates a precision thermistor for Superior Accuracy and Performance (SAPTM) of space temperature sensing assuring long term stability and maximum accuracy.

In addition to the up and down arrows for set point offset adjustment, the SI-10 has a third button for after hours override requirements. The LCD momentarily displays OVERRIDE to provide visual confirmation to the occupant.

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Weight 0.47 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 4.5 × 2.375 in