New Applications for Control Systems
The world is constantly changing.  New opportunities are appearing in numerous industries that focus on energy, health and technology.  Today, innovative solutions aid in the improvement of the comfort, convenience and efficiency in everyday life.
There are a plethora of applications for control and monitoring systems.  A multitude of opportunities exist beyond the fields of commercial, industrial, residential, medical, military and educational monitoring and controls.  Because Smart Controls provides monitoring and controls systems that are microprocessor based, they are easily adaptable to fit a wide range of innovative solutions.
Why Innovate with Smart Controls

Smart Controls provides solutions within the core competency of microprocessor applications.  Microprocessors are the small, electronic components that incorporate the functions of a computer’s central processing unit on a single integrated circuit.  Microprocessors serve as the main decision making component, or brain, for electronic applications.  Microprocessors make today’s world possible.  From computer touch pads to cell phones, onboard diagnostics systems to beverage dispensers, microprocessors function behind the scenes in nearly every modern day electronic device.
With a strong presence in the building automation systems, medical monitoring systems and environmental monitoring and control systems, Smart Controls is poised to meet new needs.